Groups and Emails and REMOVE

We sent out the group information over the weekend. If you signed up over the weekend you won't get your group for a few more days.
Also, if you registered and have not received your group info yet, then please check your junk mail box or spam box. Sometimes "mass" emails are directed there. Especially if you have a Yahoo email address.
Another possibility is you may have mis-typed your email address in the registration form. It will take a while for all the kinks to be worked out of the system. I am double checking everyone who has not received their welcome info and will resend manually.
Gmail doesn't allow me to send out mass emails either. So I am signed up with a company called Mail Chimp and they monitor what I send out and how often and all that.  The learning curve is big people!!!
We've had several REMOVE requests. This is done by me manually, so can take a few days. You can go to Mail Chimp and Unsubscribe also, but this will not tell your group you are REMOVING yourself from the Club.
Have patience dear Blog Club is going smoothly.

Study Guide Purchasers:
The Study Guide is still being written and is going great. We will send it out to you as soon as it is written and edited. Thank you for supporting our efforts!

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